Just like any vehicle, ATV requires proper maintenance and there are mistakes that could damage it. The all-terrain vehicle requires commitment and time investment to ensure that it runs optimally. Clogging the radiator, neglecting the air filter and submerging it in the mud.

  • Submerging it in Mud or Water

It’s an all-terrain vehicle but this does not mean that you submerge it in mud or water. It could be fun testing how further it can go but in the long run, its value is decreasing and you will start having issues with it such as sputtering. This is after gasoline mixes with moisture.

  • Neglecting the Air Filter

For the engine to perform efficiently, the air filter must be replaced whenever necessary to ensure that grime and dirt do not hinder it from this. The main issues that result from this are loss in horsepower and reduced performance. This might lead to more issues and eventually engine replacement.

  • Fixing the ATV Yourself

The issue that its having does not seem to be a big one and you believe that you can fix it. This is a bad move especially when it’s a trial and error. As the owner of the ATV, avoid this and instead, take it to a technician who is trained and experienced.

  • Allowing Gasoline to Degrade

You probably use the ATV during summer and it sits for several months in winter. When fuel is left for this long, it degrades which could lead to reduced engine performance or none at all. If you are planning not to use it for several months, its highly recommended that you mix fuel system stabilizers to the gas and this way, fuel will remain fresh for over a year. 

  • Neglecting the Radiator

The radiator is integral to the performance of your ATV thus it should not be neglected. Just like the engine, it should not be allowed to host grime and dirt for long. After long rides off-road, ensure that it is attended to and this will prevent issues such as the engine overheating. 

Cleaning the air filter, replacing it when necessary, checking on the radiator and avoiding submerging the quad in mud or water are great ways to take care of your ATV. Going for adventures will leave the quad with mud, sand, debris, and dust among other elements both inside the radiator and the engine. Take care of the quad and it will serve you for a long time to come.