Auto mechanics recommend servicing and tuning up your vehicle in spring. Remember winter is a season that gives drivers across the country a hard time due to the cold weather and snow. Furthermore, the conditions at this time are usually not favorable and conducive for healthy vehicles. As the cold weather changes and becomes warmer, you should give your ride the TLC it needs. Here are some maintenance tips that will help you ensure your vehicle is ready to zoom and keep moving in spring.

Checking the Oil and Fluids

Do you even remember the last time you checked and changed your oil? Spring is the best time to change it. You might have neglected your vehicle’s transmission fluid for far too long, but this is the ideal time to have it flushed. Other fluids to check include your vehicle’s cooling system fluids, the brake fluids, and the window washing fluids.

Check your Vehicle Tires

You cannot ignore the fact that the weather is changing and the temperatures are increasing. This means that the pressure in the vehicle tires are also more likely to increase thereby affecting the performance of your vehicle. You may need to re-inflate your car tires or replace them. If you have a space tire, make sure it has the right air pressure as well. The tires are very important parts especially when it comes to the traction, handling, and safety of your vehicle.

Inspect your Brakes

Your car brakes play a very crucial role as far as your safety is concerned. You should always make sure that your brakes are functioning properly. Take your vehicle to an auto shop for servicing and inspection to make sure there are no safety issues with the pads and rotors. Identifying and fixing problems immediately will help you avoid costlier repairs in the long run.

Check your Vehicle’s Alignment and Suspension

One of the things that cause damage to a vehicle’s alignment and suspension is driving on the road full of potholes. Any signs of your vehicle pulling to one side would mean there’s a problem with its alignment. Alternatively, you may need an alignment check if you notice any signs of the steering wheel vibrating.

Remove Leftover Salt and Residue

Most drivers never realize that the salt used in melting snow and ice during the cold winter season usually accumulates in their vehicle’s undercarriage. If this salt is not removed from the vehicle, it may result in severe damage. Giving your vehicle a thorough cleaning will help to protect it from rust. This is also the ideal time to apply a layer of wax to protect the paint and coat on your vehicle.