The automotive industry consists of large numbers of different companies. In which, they are introducing different types of designs, developments, manufacturing processes and selling of various kinds of motor vehicles.

Along with manufacturing their is also the segment of maintenance of automobiles like automobile repair shops and motor fuel filling stations as well.

Within these segments the best quality spare parts of an automobile are designed, produced and maintained. They also need to protect people from any kind of danger, damage and cause of injuries from any fault in spare parts. The safety of automobiles themselves, needs to be understood so there is no danger of damage. There are some ways that are used to ensure people remain safe by the using parts and vehicles from the automotive industry

Assisted Driving

Society have been trying to produce driverless cars starting in the 1970’s. These kinds of vehicles are not produced yet, but many other companies making the decision to make such kind of vehicles near to the future. We are trying to provide comfort people and produce that kind of vehicles for the road. Uber is some of that kind of automobile, which helps in the hour of need. Our few companies are working on the automated vehicles with the feature that help the driver without taking the wheel and still now trying to introduce with the advanced safety characteristics etc.

Internet of Things

Our industry is trying to produce that kind of cars which are connected to the internet. These types of vehicles are equipped with smart sensors and with different connectivity applications. So the people can easily update their vehicle firmware through the air software. By the use of the internet, people will directly contact to our dealers about any issue in the car. We are improving vehicles manufacturer quality by using advanced technology data processes. We are introducing the automatic toll collection in cars. The smart sensor is used in these advanced technology vehicles help people in the situation of emergencies.

Cloud- Hosted Intelligence

The automotive industry is working in order to introduce the cloud computing. We show many benefits related to the advancement in the automotive field. Cloud based platform help the driver to make their life easier. We are locating the gas station in order to; the driver has no amount to buy fuel for the car. We are identifying the restaurant so that the driver as well as visitor similar need. We are providing remainder from the cloud-based intelligence in order to buy the household things etc. We are also trying that the driver gets their food automatically when he reached the certain restaurant.

Enhanced Connectivity

We are introducing the automotive technology in the way that plays a central role to help the driver linked with us. This system helps the drivers and passengers, to receive or send email, do searches about the place where they want to go and interact with each other with the smart phone applications. We are helping parents with the utilization of this system and warn them that their children driving fast, driving outside the designated radius of the vehicle and drive far from the parent-approve time frame. We are trying to do impossible things in a possible and easier way.