If you don’t have enough space to work in the garage or having difficulties opening doors, you’ll want to look for ways to declutter and create more space. And since your old car has occupied plenty of the room, selling it might be the best option as you would assume you’ll get some cash out of it.

You can get rid of your used car by selling it to a scrap yard or a junkyard if it’s in a barely functional state. Or you can try to sell it online if it’s still running. You can as well ignore these two options and opt to trade in your old used vehicle at the dealership. However, each of these options comes with their associated pros and cons.

Selling your old used car to a scrap yard/ junkyard

Well, if your car is in such a bad condition or badly damaged, selling it to a scrap yard is the only sensible option. Luckily, there are plenty of scrap yards that would be interested in buying your car. Let’s look at the advantages and downsides of selling your used car to scrap yards.


  • Scrap car removal for free. Most junkyards will tow away the car for free. You should look for a company that offers free towing services.
  • Instant cash.
  • The scrap car dealers handle all the paperwork.


  • Some car junkers are shady and are out to scam people. So make sure you do your research well before you junk your car. That means; finding out the right value for your junk car, the reputation of the junkyards and so on.
  • Getting the right scrap car dealer can be an excruciating experience and time-consuming.
  • Negotiation can be exhausting.

Selling your old used car online

If your old car is fully operational, and you’re not up for the idea of selling it to scrap yards or trading it in, selling it to a private party is a great idea.


  • You can get a good price for your used car.
  • Your ad can reach a bigger audience.
  • Posting your ad is free of charge.


  • Selling your car online is not a safe process; there are plenty of online scammers targeting both car sellers and buyers.
  • It’s time-consuming. Creating ads, replying to posts, making appointments whereas some people don’t show up or simply cancel. This route is not for the faint-hearted.
  • Since your car is old, it would take some time before getting a buyer. But that’s not always the case, you might get lucky.
  • You handle all the necessary paperwork yourself.

Trading in your old used car at the dealership

If you don’t want to deal with the headaches of selling your car online and to the junkyard, you can simply trade it in. It’s not a bad option if you need another car that is. But if you’re not interested in purchasing a new car, you can opt for either of the two options above.


  • Less hassle and more convenience.
  • The dealer handles everything.
  • Payless for a new car.


  • Get less money than your car’s worth.
  • Restricts your car options. You can only buy at the dealership you traded in your car.