These Mistakes Will Ruin Your ATV, Avoid Them

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Just like any vehicle, ATV requires proper maintenance and there are mistakes that could damage it. The all-terrain vehicle requires commitment and time investment to ensure that it runs optimally. Clogging the radiator, neglecting the air filter and submerging it in the mud.

  • Submerging it in Mud or Water

It’s an all-terrain vehicle but this does not mean that you submerge it in mud or water. It could be fun testing how further it can go but in the long run, its value is decreasing and you will start having issues with it such as sputtering. This is after gasoline mixes with moisture.

  • Neglecting the Air Filter

For the engine to perform efficiently, the air filter must be replaced whenever necessary to ensure that grime and dirt do not hinder it from this. The main issues that result from this are loss in horsepower and reduced performance. This might lead to more issues and eventually engine replacement.

  • Fixing the ATV Yourself

The issue that its having does not seem to be a big one and you believe that you can fix it. This is a bad move especially when it’s a trial and error. As the owner of the ATV, avoid this and instead, take it to a technician who is trained and experienced.

  • Allowing Gasoline to Degrade

You probably use the ATV during summer and it sits for several months in winter. When fuel is left for this long, it degrades which could lead to reduced engine performance or none at all. If you are planning not to use it for several months, its highly recommended that you mix fuel system stabilizers to the gas and this way, fuel will remain fresh for over a year. 

  • Neglecting the Radiator

The radiator is integral to the performance of your ATV thus it should not be neglected. Just like the engine, it should not be allowed to host grime and dirt for long. After long rides off-road, ensure that it is attended to and this will prevent issues such as the engine overheating. 

Cleaning the air filter, replacing it when necessary, checking on the radiator and avoiding submerging the quad in mud or water are great ways to take care of your ATV. Going for adventures will leave the quad with mud, sand, debris, and dust among other elements both inside the radiator and the engine. Take care of the quad and it will serve you for a long time to come. 

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Getting to Know More about Wheel Spacers

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If you are a car enthusiast and you prefer making modifications to the wheels, then spacers are for you. What spacers do is that they create more clearance within the hub which makes it possible to fit bigger wheels. For the drivers that do this, they are influenced by several things. 

  • Boosts the Look of the Car

With wheel spacers and big wheels, the car will be unique. It will not look like a car of the same model on the road. It will be more attractive and this will boost your confidence being the driver. 

  • Minimizes Accident Risks

When a car is unbalanced or unstable as you drive it, it increases chances of an accident. As the spacers are installed and the wheelbase is widened, it improves the stability of the car which makes it safer. This helps a lot where there are sharp bends or corners and in rough terrains. 

  • You can Fix Bigger Wheels

When you fix large tires to a standard car, this is a risk as the wheels may become loose and eventually come out. Wheel spacers are ideal when you want to make such modifications as they increase bolt options. With this, it will not only be possible to fix large wheels but also customized ones. 

How to Choose the Ideal Wheel Spacers

Just like there are different car brands and models, it’s the same way wheel spacers differ from each other. Although you may have preferences on the type that you want to purchase, you must buy one that will work well with your car type. Not doing this minimizes your safety while on the road and basically, the spacers will not serve their purpose.

Work with a Technician 

Perhaps you are not knowledgeable about vehicles. To ensure you get the most ideal spacers and later on wheels, it’s imperative that you work with an expert. They will guide you and you will modify your car just like you wanted. 

Do Your Own Research

Besides working with a technician, you should do your own research. Visit spare part shops, talk to experts and visit the internet for more information. You will have an idea of what is required before you can purchase the ideal wheel spacers.

Once you have decided to install wheel spacers to your car, get a knowledgeable technician to guide you in choosing the most ideal type.  This improves the look of your car, makes it more stable and boosts safety on the road. 

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How to Get the Best Deal on Your Auto Insurance

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As long as you are driving any type of vehicle on the road, you should have auto insurance. It is necessary but getting the best deal can be a daunting task. Getting a reputable insurance company and the most ideal for your type of vehicle is a tricky task for many. It’s important that you get the appropriate insurance type for your peace of mind in case of a misfortune. There are ways that you can ensure you get the best deal out there.  

  • Be on the Look for Insurance Bundle

With insurance bundles, you can save some good money on your auto insurance. Bundling means that you get a package of different products and insurance companies will always give a better deal on this unlike when you purchase single insurance. You can get a package that includes car insurance, health and life policies among many other products. 

  • Do Your Research

The research will help you narrow down on the best auto insurance. Compare quotes from different companies and different agents. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for insurance is that cheap is expensive. Before you settle on insurance, ensure that you understand the fine prints. 

  • Understand the Insurance Language

There are things that you need covering and there are others that are not necessary. Some insurance brokers will take advantage of those that do not understand the insurance vocabulary or they don’t pay attention to what is covered. Once you understand the details, it will be easier to rule out what you do not need and this can lower the insurance costs. 

  • Have Good Credit

Your credit score plays an important role in your financial health. With a good credit score, you have a chance of getting lower insurance rates. This is because insurance companies consider you as a car owner who has financial responsibility and they reward you with a lower rate. 

As you research on the lowest and best rate auto insurance in the market, ensure that you do not compromise on your cover. You could get the lowest possible rate in the market but is the car covered in case of fire, theft or accident? These are the things that matter when it comes to your auto insurance. Shop around, have a good credit score, understand the auto insurance language and take advantage of insurance bundles to get the best deal.

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Ways of Protecting the Paint of Your Car

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Cars are important and if you own a car, you would want to offer it the best protection. Paint is one of the things that you should protect when it comes to your car.   You need to protect it from oxidation, scratches, sun damage and debris among other things. Besides parking it under a shade, there are several other measures that you can take to protect the paint of your car.

Paint Protection Film

A great way to protect your car from minor damages is by using the paint protection film. The beauty of this kind of protection is that it can be applied to the entire vehicle. This film is a thermoplastic urethane material that is thin thus it will not affect the appearance of the car.

While installing the paint, you will need a professional since it is quite a challenge to install it perfectly. The process is like that one of installing a window tint film. There are many benefits of this kind of protection.

  • It can be applied to the entire vehicle which helps in protecting the entire car from minor damages
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • It is readily available

Use Synthetic Coating

Although this is only effective for about 6 months, it is a sure way to protect your car’s paint. It will prevent road debris in a great way. It involves applying a polymer or ceramic coating on your car and you are good to go.

Car Cover

This is the one of the cheapest ways that you can protect the paint. You get a cover made of good material and whenever your car is out in the open, you cover it fully. This will not only protect it from the glaring sun, but it will also keep debris away that could lead to scratches and dirt sticking on the car.  It also protects a car from dust if it’s parked for a long time.

Wax the Car

Although waxing is known in maintaining the shine of the car, it is also another great way to protect the paint. It will keep off debris and harmful UV rays.

There are many ways that you can protect your car’s paint and this is a way of saving money. Doing this will also increase the value of your car if you plan on reselling it. It’s important that you learn of ways that you can keep your car away from corrosive and toxic things.

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Reasons to Consider an Electric Car

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The automobile industry has been evolving from time to time and the introduction of electric cars is one way it has changed. Although they are not yet on the road in most parts of the world, it’s a great innovation that can change the automobile industry and the atmosphere as the cars do not emit toxic gases. If you are wondering what all the hype is about, it’s because they have a multitude of advantages.

How Do Electric Cars Run?

Do you plug the car to a power output? No this is not what you do. This is a common question to many. The manufacturers install rechargeable batteries on vehicles which makes the car run. One or more electric motors are used to propel the car.

Helps You Save on Fuel

Fuel prices have increased and you definitely run your car on fuel. The problem with fluctuation is that prices are unpredictable. Some cars will consume more fuel than others over the same distance but overall, cars must be fueled.

When you opt for an electric car, you will reduce the fuel costs and use that money for something else. In areas where the government rewards those that are environmentally conscious, you get to save more.

They are Eco-Friendly


Global warming has had huge negative effects on the world at large. The conventional vehicles emit carbon which is harmful not only to human beings but also to the environment. This is different for electric vehicles as they do not emit carbon.

Reduces Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is irritating and is common with the traditional cars especially when the car is accelerated. The advantage of using an electric car is that even when you accelerate, there will be noise pollution making it a great option especially in residential areas. This makes it perfect for the environment.

You Can Charge It Anywhere

You do not have to be at home to charge your electric vehicle. Just like you charge your smartphone anywhere, you can do so with this vehicle. Besides charging it from home, you can do so on the road using a smartphone app or even at work.

Apart from the fact that the vehicle will save you money, it is also critically important as it reduces ecological damage and air pollution which could lead to illnesses. There are also reduced mechanical issues that will save you money in the long run.

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Things to Do and Not to Do During Auto Glass Installation

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There are times that your windshield may crack or break into shards. Sometimes a repair may be done but when it’s totally irreparable, a new auto glass should be installed. Some windscreen issues are inevitable. When this is the case, there are things that you should do and there are things that you should not do. 


  • Things that You Should Not Do


For your safety, that of other passengers that could be in your car and the safety of the windshield, there are things that you should not do after an auto glass has been installed. 


  • Do Not Drive the Car Too Soon


One of the don’ts after an auto glass installation is to drive the car too soon. The materials used to install the glass such as adhesives must settle down before you can drive otherwise there could be damage. The technician at work will advise when the right time to drive the car is. 

  • Do Not Remove the Tape on the Auto Glass 


When the windshield is being fixed, a special tape is used to support the screen. You should not remove it the same day as this will affect the support of the screen. Give it at least 24 hours to settle. Talk to the technician to understand when you should remove the tape and how it should be done to avoid any damages. 


  • Do Not Wash the Car Too Soon 


As technicians use a seal to install the auto glass, you need to give it time to do its work effectively. This means that you should not by any means wash the car whether it’s being done by a professional or at home. You do not want to go back to the technician with the same issue hours after it has been sorted.

  • Do Not Slam Doors


Slamming any of your car doors causes unnecessary pressure against the auto glass that was just installed. With this, the glass can crack or even get broken completely. It’s advisable that you close the doors with care. 


Various reasons could lead to the need to install a new window. This is a sensitive procedure that needs professionals not only during fixing but even after the fixing. A good technician will advise you on the don’ts and the do’s after an auto glass has been replaced. If you are not sure of what you should not do, you can talk to the experts. 


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3 Ways to Sell Your Old Used Car

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If you don’t have enough space to work in the garage or having difficulties opening doors, you’ll want to look for ways to declutter and create more space. And since your old car has occupied plenty of the room, selling it might be the best option as you would assume you’ll get some cash out of it.

You can get rid of your used car by selling it to a scrap yard or a junkyard if it’s in a barely functional state. Or you can try to sell it online if it’s still running. You can as well ignore these two options and opt to trade in your old used vehicle at the dealership. However, each of these options comes with their associated pros and cons.

Selling your old used car to a scrap yard/ junkyard

Well, if your car is in such a bad condition or badly damaged, selling it to a scrap yard is the only sensible option. Luckily, there are plenty of scrap yards that would be interested in buying your car. Let’s look at the advantages and downsides of selling your used car to scrap yards.


  • Scrap car removal for free. Most junkyards will tow away the car for free. You should look for a company that offers free towing services.
  • Instant cash.
  • The scrap car dealers handle all the paperwork.


  • Some car junkers are shady and are out to scam people. So make sure you do your research well before you junk your car. That means; finding out the right value for your junk car, the reputation of the junkyards and so on.
  • Getting the right scrap car dealer can be an excruciating experience and time-consuming.
  • Negotiation can be exhausting.

Selling your old used car online

If your old car is fully operational, and you’re not up for the idea of selling it to scrap yards or trading it in, selling it to a private party is a great idea.


  • You can get a good price for your used car.
  • Your ad can reach a bigger audience.
  • Posting your ad is free of charge.


  • Selling your car online is not a safe process; there are plenty of online scammers targeting both car sellers and buyers.
  • It’s time-consuming. Creating ads, replying to posts, making appointments whereas some people don’t show up or simply cancel. This route is not for the faint-hearted.
  • Since your car is old, it would take some time before getting a buyer. But that’s not always the case, you might get lucky.
  • You handle all the necessary paperwork yourself.

Trading in your old used car at the dealership

If you don’t want to deal with the headaches of selling your car online and to the junkyard, you can simply trade it in. It’s not a bad option if you need another car that is. But if you’re not interested in purchasing a new car, you can opt for either of the two options above.


  • Less hassle and more convenience.
  • The dealer handles everything.
  • Payless for a new car.


  • Get less money than your car’s worth.
  • Restricts your car options. You can only buy at the dealership you traded in your car.
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